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In Utah, 'saving lives' with breast milk

Published: 25th Jan 2020 9:10   

  medical xpress  

In a world where sharing is so popular it has its own economy, women in Utah have a new item to contribute: breast milk.   more...

Vast virus quarantine in China as cases emerge in Europe, S. Asia

Published: 25th Jan 2020 9:00   

  medical xpress  

A massive quarantine effort covering 13 cities was in effect in China on Saturday aimed at containing a deadly virus, as the death toll climbed to 26 and the first cases of the disease were reported in Europe and South Asia.   more...

China virus death toll jumps to 41, cases soar to nearly 1,300

Published: 25th Jan 2020 8:50   

  medical xpress  

A deadly viral outbreak in China has now killed 41 people, while the number of infected cases has soared to nearly 1,300, authorities said Saturday.   more...

Gloomy holiday for hunkered-down China as virus toll jumps

Published: 25th Jan 2020 8:40   

  medical xpress  

China marked its most important holiday under a cloud of fear and gloom Saturday as the toll from a deadly respiratory virus jumped to 41, with almost 1,300 people now known to be infected.   more...

China orders nationwide measures to detect virus on flights, trains, buses

Published: 25th Jan 2020 8:30   

  medical xpress  

China has ordered nationwide measures to identify and immediately isolate suspected cases of a deadly virus on trains, aeroplanes and buses, as the death toll and number of patients has skyrocketed.   more...

Three coronavirus cases confirmed in France, first in Europe

Published: 25th Jan 2020 8:23   

  medical xpress  

Three cases of the coronavirus have been "confirmed" in France, the first in Europe, officials said Friday.   more...

Australia confirms first coronavirus case

Published: 25th Jan 2020 8:20   

  medical xpress  

Australia on Saturday confirmed its first case of the new coronavirus that has claimed 41 lives in China, becoming the latest country in a growing list to be affected by the illness.   more...

The global spread of the coronavirus: Where is it?

Published: 25th Jan 2020 8:19   

  medical xpress  

A SARS-like virus that has claimed 41 lives since emerging in a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan has spread around the world.   more...

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